July 2019 Calendar Printable Templates

Welcome back to calendar 2019 printable where you’ll get free monthly templates of July month for MS Word, Excel, PDF with holidays. July is the 7th month of this year and the first month of the second half. Get ready to download July 2019 editable template in different formats so that you can easily manage everything you want throughout this month. Ideal for schedule planner, event organizer, function planning, workout planner, etc. In short, these are capable of assisting you in every way. Just save them to your gadget and utilize them wisely. Scroll down to get them for free.

July 2019 Calendar Blank Template

Beginning with a blank template for July month, it could be very helpful when you need to write important dates and meetings. I hope you are familiar with Microsoft Word as it is available in MS Word. Presenting you free July 2019 blank calendar template in .docs Word application.

2019 blank calendar monthly template


july 2019 calendar printable


July 2019 Holidays Calendar Template

After downloading the above calendar, it’s time to save holidays calendar of this month. July month brings the Independence Day for the citizens of the United States. State holiday i.e. Pioneer Day is coming on the 24th of July 2019. A day dedicated to Parent’s Day is on 28 July. Feel free to download the 4th of July instagram story images.¬†Given below is the calendar with all types of holidays.

july 2019 calendar with holidays


Holiday Date Day
Independence Day [United States] 4 Jul Thursday
Bastille Day 14 Jul Sunday
Pioneer Day 24 Jul Wednesday
National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day 27 Jul Saturday
Parent’s Day 28 Jul Sunday

July 2019 Excel Printable Calendar Template

Minimize the workload by exploring your management with free July 2019 excel calendar. Those who work on MS Excel would like to download and edit its template. Have you noticed the area of your all around? Many people are there who get up early in the morning and sleet late at night. All of this because of unbalanced time management. Such kind of calendar template will help you throughout. You may like 4th of July nail art designs.

july 2019 excel monthly calendar


July 2019 PDF Printable Calendar

All types of printable calendars are provided except the PDF. So here is the July 2019 pdf calendar that you can easily save and print any time. It doesn’t matter which field you belong or what you do. In order to make a proper plan for a particular month, a calendar must be used. If your smartphone or computer¬†supports the .pdf files, you are welcome to save it. Want for each month? Visit here.

2019 july pdf monthly calendar


With these printable July 2019 calendar templates, I’m now wrapping up this article. I wish you very good luck for this month! Extract the best from you and put all your efforts into making July amazing month. Oh wait! do not hesitate in sharing these templates on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Keep on surfing and downloading the other monthly calendars from for free.

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