Free 2019 Monthly Calendar Templates

Free 2019 Monthly Calendar Templates: Welcome here to download 12 months editable printable word templates with holidays of all months for this year from January to December. Now edit your calendar anytime wherever you are without any restrictions. We are delighted to provide you the fillable monthly templates of 2019 year that you can edit on your computer or smartphone. These are compatible with MS Word and can be used on any computer/PC or mobile phone. Holidays, festivals and events are also covered here for each and every month. All you need to do is just select the template you want and save it for free.


January 2019 Monthly Calendar Template

Wish you very Happy New Year! As January is the first month of the year, we begins this collection with free editable template of January month. The month of January is starting on Tuesday and the last day falls on Thursday.

january 2019 monthly calendar

January 2019 Monthly Calendar


February 2019 Monthly Calendar Template

The shortest month of the Gregorian or modern calendar will have 28 days. This is the four year with February having 28 days and the next year [2020] will be leap year. Anyway, coming back to our topic, start downloading your template for this month.

february 2019 monthly calendar

February 2019 Monthly Calendar


March 2019 Monthly Calendar Template

March is the second month which have 31 days. It was the first month during the Ancient Roman calendar. It marks the beginning of Spring season in the Northern Hemisphere on the very first day. Scroll down to get the template

march 2019 monthly calendar

March 2019 Monthly Calendar


April 2019 Monthly Template

This is the first month of our calendar which has a length of 30 days. Schedule and manage every day of April month with simple and blank calendar template. It had 29 days but Julius Caesar added one more day.

april 2019 monthly calendar

April 2019 Monthly Calendar


May 2019 Monthly Calendar Template

May this month bring more Happiness and Success to everyone. It was named for the Greek Goddess Maia, who was identified with the Roman era goddess of fertility, Bona Dea, whose festival was held in May. Now save its editable template to your system.

may 2019 monthly calendar

May 2019 Monthly Calendar


June 2019 Monthly Calendar Template

June is the 6th month of the year which is generally the hottest month in the Northern Hemisphere. The longest day of the year falls in this month which normally falls on 21st June.

june 2019 monthly calendar

June 2019 Monthly Calendar


July 2019 Monthly Calendar Template

No matter what what’s the month it is. You must prepared for the upcoming month. Saving a template earlier always puts you forward as compared to others. So it would be better the start preparations right now. Given below is the calendar with template download link.

july 2019 monthly calendar

July 2019 Monthly Calendar


August 2019 Monthly Calendar Template

Plan the month of August with editable templates designed for the organizers. It is the 5th month to have a length of 31 days and the eighth month of the modern calendar. The month got its name in honor of Augustus. August is the only consecutive month to have 31 days after July.

august 2019 monthly calendar

August 2019 Monthly Calendar


September 2019 Monthly Template

September is the last month of 3rd quarter which is known to have a total of 30 days. It is beginning on Sunday this year which means there will be 5 Sundays. In most countries, September marks the beginning of Academic year after the summer break.

september 2019 monthly calendar

September 2019 Monthly Calendar


October 2019 Monthly Calendar Template

Brace yourself to download the free template of October month available in MS Word format. The 10th month of the year is associated with the season of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere with the spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

october 2019 monthly calendar

October 2019 Monthly Calendar


November 2019 Monthly Calendar Template

November is the 11th and the last month to have 30 days. It is starting on Friday this year. It retained its name from the Latin word “novem” which means “nine” as it was the ninth month during the Roman calendar. Given below is the download link to get the template of this month.

november 2019 monthly calendar

November 2019 Monthly Calendar


December 2019 Monthly Calendar Template

This is the last and seventh month with 31 days. It last week of the year is generally celebrated as winter break in most of the countries. The shortest day of the year in Northern Hemisphere falls in December month.

december 2019 monthly calendar

December 2019 Monthly Calendar


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