France 2019 Printable Calendar With Holidays

France 2019 calendar with holidays: Welcome all French people who are looking for France calendar of this year. Download free 12 months one-page French calendar to make a schedule of the particular month. All festivals are also mentioned in these calendars. Some of them are available in the French language also. People of this nation like to use a calendar for almost every purpose whether it is for school or at for office or for anything else.

France 2019 Printable Calendar With Holidays

France is one of those nations which celebrates a few festivals. After the New Year’s Day, the first national holiday will be on 22 April which will be celebrated as Easter Monday. Thereafter Labor Day is on 1st May and WW2 Victory Day on 8th May. France also celebrates Ascension Day. It will be on 30 May. Check out the holidays calendar and all festivals below.

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france 2019 calendar with holidays

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France 2019 Holidays Calendar

Keep on downloading the free printable French calendar of 2019. These are compatible with almost all smartphones, computers, tablets and any other device. Simply download them and prepare your time-table in minutes. Give proper time to every topic so that you can cover most of the daily tasks and get the desired results.

france 2019 holidays mobile calendar

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France 2019 All Holidays and Observances

Given below is the table featuring all holidays of France coming in 2019

Date Holiday Holiday type
1 January New Year’s Day National holiday
20 March March Equinox Season
31 March Daylight Saving Time states Clock change
19 April Good Friday Local holiday
21 April Easter Day Observance
22 April Easter Monday National holiday
1 May Labor Day / May Day National holiday
8 May WW2 Victory Day National holiday
26 May Mother’s Day Observance
30 May Ascension Day National holiday
9 June Whit Sunday Observance
10 June Whit Monday National holiday
16 June Father’s Day Observance
21 June June Solstice Season
14 July Bastille Day National holiday
15 August Assumption of Mary National holiday
23 September September Equinox Season
27 October Daylight Saving Time ends Clock change
1 November All Saint’s Day National holiday
11 November Armistice Day National holiday
22 December December Solstice Season
24 December Christmas Eve Observance
25 December Christmas Day National holiday
26 December St. Stephen’s Day Local holiday
31 December New Year’s Eve Observance

Some Important Info About France

Know more about this nation.

  • Capital: Paris
  • Official language: French
  • Area: 640,679 sq.km
  • Population: 67,348,000 [October 2018]
  • HDI: 0.901
  • Currency: Euro, CFP franc

So this was about France 2019 calendar along with some important points. It should be now easy to make a plan by using these calendars. Hope this article helped you. Help others by sharing it on social platforms. Don’t forget to download 2019 blank calendar editable templates¬†available in MS Word.

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