Australia 2019 Printable Calendar With Holidays, Festivals

Australia 2019 Printable Calendar: All the citizens of Australia are welcome here to download the free print-friendly calendar with holidays, festivals, national observances and events. Save a 12-months yearly Australia calendar featuring all festivals and public holidays that will help you a lot throughout every month of this year. Before downloading its calendar, let’s discuss more on this beautiful nation. Australia s the mainland of the Australian continent. It is the 6th largest county in the world in area comparison. Canberra is the capital whereas Sydney is the largest city of this nation. The population of this country grew steadily in subsequent decades. It has a very high HDI [Human Development Index] with more than 0.9 making it the 3rd best country in HDI. Coming back to the topic, start downloading the 2019 Australia holidays calendar. Every age group people can save it.

Australia 2019 Calendar With Holidays

Just like the other nations, Australia also celebrates the new year day on 1st Jan which is a national holiday. The next national holiday falls on 26th January which is known for Australia Day. It is a day which commemorates the establishment of the first European settlement at Port Jackson which is now part of Sydney. The next national holiday will be on 19 April as Good Friday will be celebrated on that day. Australia is one of those nations which celebrates festivals like Easter Monday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day. Given below is the calendar with all festivals and holidays. I’ve also shared USA 2019 printable calendar for the people of the United States.

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Printable Australia 2019 Holidays Calendar

Scheduling every day is one of the tough tasks that every person face. In order to make it simple, human developed some great tools through which anyone can make plannings easily. Singapore citizens can download Singapore 2019 calendar with holidays that I previously shared. A calendar is one of the best inventions. No one can imagine his/her life without it. Whether you need to out somewhere or need to make a plan for the upcoming months, a calendar is always needed. This section covers more calendars for those who want a different calendar to make them well organized and planned. Go ahead and grab them for free.

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Australia 2019 All Holidays, Observances

Date Holiday States
1 January New Year’s Day National
9 January Devonport Cup TAS
28 January Australia Day National
11 February Royal Hobart Regatta TAS
27 February Launceston Cup TAS
4 March Labour Day WA
5 March King Island Show TAS
11 March Canberra Day ACT
11 March March Public Holiday SA
11 March Eight Hours Holiday TAS
11 March Labour Day VIC
19 April Good Friday National
20 April Day Following Good Friday National except for TAS and WA
21 April Easter Sunday ACT, NSW, QLD and VIC
22 April Easter Monday National
23 April Easter Tuesday TAS
25 April Anzac Day National
6 May May Day NT
6 May Labour Day QLD
27 May Reconciliation Day ACT
3 June Western Australia Day WA
10 June Queen’s Birthday National except for QLD and WA
28 June Borroloola Show Day NT
5 July Alice Springs Show Day NT
12 July Tennant Creek Show Day NT
19 July Katherine Show Day NT
26 July Darwin Show Day NT
5 August Picnic Day NT
14 August Ekka Wednesday QLD
27 September AFL Grand Final Friday VIC
30 September Queen’s Birthday WA
4 October Burnie Show TAS
7 October Labour Day ACT, NSW and SA
7 October Queen’s Birthday QLD
10 October Royal Launceston Show TAS
18 October Flinders Island Show TAS
24 October Royal Hobart Show TAS
4 November Recreation Day TAS
5 November Melbourne Cup Day VIC
29 November Devonport Show TAS
24 December Christmas Eve SA
25 December Christmas Day National
26 December Boxing Day National except for SA
26 December Proclamation Day SA
31 December New Year’s Eve SA

Quick Facts You Should Know About Australia

Now, I’m gonna share some important information about Australia that you must know if you are a resident of this nation. Check them out!

  • Capital: Canberra
  • Largest City: Sydney
  • Area: 7,692,024 sq. km [6th largest nation]
  • Water: 0.76%
  • GDP [2018]: $1.313 trillion
  • Per Capita: $52,191
  • Currency: Australian Dollar [AUD]

So this was about Australia 2019 calendar with holidays. Feel free to download Canada 2019 holidays calendar. I hope this article helped you in many ways. Now, it’s your turn to help the other Australian people in finding these calendars. Do so by sharing this collection on social media like Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Thank you!

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