April 2019 Calendar Printable Templates

Free editable and printable calendar templates of April 2019 are available here for download. Download and edit these simple print-friendly monthly calendar to schedule and manage your daily routine. April is the 4th and 1st month of the year which has a length of 30 days. We are here to help you in making things easier. Our simple yet useful templates will help you in scheduling throughout all these days. If you have MS Office installed in your device, you can edit them any time. Plus, there is a PDF calendar also which can be used for many purposes.

April 2019 Calendar Blank Template

Download and edit printable blank template of April 2019. Easy to save, easy to edit and easy to print. It is available in landscape mode. Make the required changes on it and get a hard copy.

2019 blank calendar monthly template

April 2019 Blank Monthly Calendar


april 2019 calendar printable

April 2019 Calendar Printable

April 2019 Holidays Calendar Template

Download 2019 printable holidays calendar of this month in a .docs format so that you can edit it later. Although there is no Federal holiday in the United States this month but state holidays like Patriot’s Day, Arobor Day are coming in April.

april 2019 calendar with holidays

April 2019 Calendar With Holidays


Holiday Date Day
Last Day of Passover 7 Apr Saturday
Yom Hashoah 11 Apr Wednesday
Isra and Mi’raj 13 Apr Friday
Father Damien Day 15 Apr Sunday
Patriot’s Day 16 Apr Monday
Yom Ha’atzmaut 19 Apr Thursday
San Jacinto Day 21 Apr Saturday
Arbor Day 27 Apr Friday
Confederate Memorial Day 30 Apr Monday

April 2019 Excel Printable Calendar Template

Free download a landscape spreadsheet excel cell featured calendar template for April month. Excel users are allowed to save it as many times as they want. Take your scheduling to a new level by managing each and every day. Connect a printer and get a hard copy of it.

april 2019 excel monthly calendar

April 2019 Excel Calendar Printable


April 2019 PDF Printable Calendar

If you are one of those who don’t want to make changes on the calendar, then download free printable pdf calendar of April 2019. Save it directly to your device or print it out on a paper.

2019 april pdf monthly calendar

April 2019 PDF Calendar Printable


We’ve provided a printable calendar with each for Word, Excel and PDF file. Now it’s your time to let others save them. You can do it just by sharing this page with others.

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