2019 Calendar Printable, Templates, Word, Excel, Wallpapers

Download free 2019 calendar printable to schedule and manage this year. Templates in MS Word, Excel are also available which are editable. You can also save HD wallpapers of yearly and monthly for each month of this year to personalize your desktop. A new year means new opportunities, a new adventure, new friends, new projects and new beginnings. Make the best of the 2019 year with a proper management. All types of the calendars that you need for this year can be downloaded from here. For this new year, you might need something that can help you in managing the things you need. In order to do so, you require a calendar. And this is just what we are going to provide you.

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2019 Yearly Calendar Printable Template

Let’s start with the yearly 12 months one page calendar for this year. Download the template and utilize it for various uses. You can write your important notes, and reminders on this template so that you won’t forget what your important tasks. 2019 is beginning on Tuesday. So you must start your preparations to welcome the new year in a stunning way. Those who are looking to make a plan for the complete year will find it useful. No matter what field you belong, you always need it. A user can edit its template in the MS Word application. Given below is the download link to download the template.

2019 yearly calendar printable

2019 Yearly Calendar Printable


Students who have PC or computer at their home can save them for various purposes like exam schedule, monthly study planner etc. Office going persons can use them in their Android or iPhone devices. As they are editable in nature, one can easily make changes including marking the dates, writing events on the blank spaces provided on the printable templates.

2019 Blank Calendar Template

Blank templates comes very friendly when you need to write notes, plannings, events etc. It’s small size and compatibility with most of the devices are the biggest advantages. Want to schedule the whole year or month? Just download it to your smartphone or laptop and write whatever you want. It is not less than your a personal assistant. Everyone needs the inspiration to do things. Find something which inspires you and put you all efforts into it. Small things in life does matter. If you can’t do small things rights, you’ll never be able to do big things right. So do not underestimate in doing small things.

2019 blank calendar printable

2019 Blank Calendar Printable


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2019 Holidays Calendar Printable

Time to find out which holidays are falling on which day this year. Presenting you holidays calendar of this year which consists of all holidays like federal, gazetted and national are covered in this section. Holidays are essential to spend some time with someone we love. Just like a machine or your vehicle needs rest when it gets hot, a human body also needs rest so that you can enhance your productivity next time. Hard work is a good ability but taking some rest or spending time with the things you love is not bad at all. Presenting you a printable 2019 holidays calendar with a template in MS Word format with all upcoming holidays and festivals of this year. Check out the holidays dates and download the template from the download link provided below.

2019 holidays calendar printable

2019 Holidays Calendar Printable


Holidays Date Day
New Year’s Day 1 January Tuesday
Stephen Foster Memorial Day 13 January Sunday
Lee Jackson Day 18 January Friday
Confederate Memorial Day 19 January Saturday
Tu Bishvat/Tu B’Shevat 21 January Monday
Martin Luther King Jr. Day 21 January Monday
Lincoln’s Birthday 12 February Tuesday
Valentine’s Day 14 February Thursday
President’s Day 18 February Monday
Daisy Gatson Bates Day 18 February Monday
Maha Shivaratri 4 March Monday
CAsimir Pulaski Day 4 March Monday
St. Patrick’s Day 17 March Sunday
Holi 21 March Thursday
Isra and Mi’raj 3 April Wednesday
Palm Sunday 14 April Sunday
Yom Hashoah 1 May Wednesday
Cinco de Mayo 5 May Sunday
Ramadan Starts 6 May Monday
Mother’s Day 12 May Sunday
Memorial Day 27 May Monday
Lailat al-Qadr 31 May Friday
Father’s Day 16 June Sunday
Independence Day 4 July Wednesday
Parent’s Day 22 July Sunday
Raksha Bandhan 15 August Thursday
Independence Day [India] 15 August Thursday
Janmashtami 24 August Saturday
Ganesh Chaturthi 2 September Sunday
Labor Day 2 September Sunday
National Grandparents Day 8 September Sunday
Columbus Day 14 October Monday
Navaratri 9 October Tuesday
Dussehra 18 October Thursday
Halloween 31 October Thursday
Diwali/Deepavali 6 November Tuesday
Veterans Day 11 November Sunday
Thanksgiving Day 22 November Friday
Christmas Day 25 December Wednesday
New Year’s Eve 31 December Tuesday

2019 Printable Word Calendar

This section is for those who are familiar with Microsoft Word and works on it. It is the most used text editing application compatible with almost every gadget. A Word calendar always assists you in making things easier. It is easy to edit and easy to print on any paper. Use this editable 2019 word template to organize your office work, school work, meetings, appointments, parties, functions etc. I hope you’ve MS Office installed on your system as it is required to use them. Most of the today’s devices are pre-installed with such kind of applications. One more thing, users can use them in Google Sheets. All you need to do is just save the template and copy it in the Google sheet of your drive account. Once you did this, make the changes you want.

2019 word calendar printable

2019 Word Calendar Printable


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2019 Excel Calendar Printable

After downloading the word template, you can now save the MS Excel template of this year. Excel is yet another revolutionary office application to calculate and manage office work. Having an excel printable calendar template includes lots of benefits. Those who works on excel are well aware of it. Just scroll down a little bit and get it saved to your device. It would be helpful for writing the small things which can make big difference. Everyone must not underestimate the small things, because if we take care of little things, the big things will take care of itself. Set up your monthly targets so and do your best to achieve them. There might be delay in achieving them but it must be achieved. In order to get them on time, this excel 2019 one page calendar would be a helping hand. So hold it and start moving in the right direction. Grab it right now!

2019 excel calendar printable

2019 Excel Calendar Printable


2019 excel calendar with holidays

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2019 PDF Printable Calendar

PDF or you can say Portable Document Format is one of the most popular and used format which is used to move and print files from one device to another. Powered by Adobe, PDF file can be used for printing calendars also. Get ready to download 12 months one page 2019 pdf calendar for free right from here. Now you don’t need to anywhere as your desired stuff is available in one place. A PDF file can be used without having the internet connection but it cannot be edited. Suitable for a monthly planner, appointments, wall calendar, school home-work planner, event organizer, etc.

2019 pdf calendar printable


2019 pdf calendar with holidays


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2019 Monthly Calendar Templates

Now get a dedicated template in Word, Excel, and PDF format for each month of this year instantly. We’ve provided templates for every month starting from January to December in the table below. All of these are editable in offline mode so that you can make schedule anytime. Just select the month and visit the page where the templates are available.

January February March
April May June
July August September
October November December

2019 Calendar Wallpapers

Start decorating your desktop with amazing 2019 calendar wallpapers designed just for your computers and laptops. High definition ultra wallpaper of this year can be downloaded with just a few clicks. 12 months one-page wallpaper of 2019 would be best for the desktop background. You might have used other wallpapers on your desktop, but you must try these HD calendars.

2019 calendar wallpaper

2019 Calendar Wallpaper

The next one is featured with all months will upcoming holidays in the United States. This wallpaper could be helpful for making schedule including festivals. Extra space is also available where you can write notes or important tasks.

2019 calendar hd wallpaper

Monthly Wallpapers
January February March
April May June
July August September
October November December

The above table is featured with dedicated wallpaper for every month of this year. There are different varieties available for your computer. Now stay updated and make plans for each month simultaneously. It seems quite easy and convenient and will also help you in reminding your evens, parties or meetings.

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2019 UK Calendar Printable Template

Download a free printable template of the United Kingdom calendar free from here. It is available in MS Word format and editable also. Save it and edit according to your need. We’ve also provided UK 2019 holidays calendar in a template and printable form. All Bank holidays of 2019 are mentioned including Federal holidays, public holidays and observances. Use it for various uses and also share it with others who might be looking for the same.

2019 uk calendar printable

2019 UK Calendar Printable


2019 uk holidays calendar printable

2019 UK Holidays Calendar Printable


2019 Moon Phases Printable Calendar

Now download the moon phases calendar for all days of all months of this year. The moon changes its shape every night. Full moon, New moon and half moon can be seen during each month of the year. Helpful for the astrologers to fix important events. Given below are the moon phases for each and every month of this year. There are 4 phases available which are New moon phase, first quarter phase, third quarter phase, and full moon.

2019 moon phases calendar

2019 Moon Phases Calendar

2019 Quarterly Calendar

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Schedule and manage three months this year with free Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4  quarterly printable calendar. It is very important to stay updated with everything belongs to you. There must be a proper record and tracking of whatever you are doing. A wise man always knows the consequences and he/she plans accordingly. So it’s better to go with proper planning every time. Download our free 3 months calendars of this year and stay focused.

2019 quarterly calendar

2019 quarterly calendar


2019 Half Year Printable Calendar

Schedule and manage each half of this year with 6 months calendar. Available in two halves, first from January to June and second from July to December. It is helpful for those who like to work for the first 6 months and travel during the next 6 months. You can download it in an image as well as in MS Word format in landscape mode. As it is editable, anyone can make changes. Write your notes or reminders so that you won’t forget the important dates.

2019 1st half year calendar

Download 1st half calendar

2019 2nd half year calendar

Download 2nd half calendar

Printable 2019 To Do List Planner

Plan each day of every month this year with free printable calendar planner of 2019. Make a to-do list for the upcoming days and give a smooth flow to your daily task. Having a planner always include a lot of benefits. One can plan meetings, appointments, remember birthdays, anniversaries, and important dates. These can be used by students as well as by office going persons also. As they are printable, take a print copy and get a hard copy so that you can use it anytime, anywhere. To make more than one planners, get more copies and easily schedule your tasks.

2019 yearly planner calendar

The above planner is available for free and can be downloaded as many times as you want. The left section allows you to write the date with daily tasks for each day of a particular month. In the right section, you can write daily tasks or make a to-do list. Some more columns like important tasks, plan of action are also provided. So set your goals, utilize it and achieve them.